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  1. Tony says:

    You guys are great! I love your shirts! I have two of them, but sure hope to add more to my collection! :>)

    GO STORM!!

  2. Christopher Bruce says:

    I rock out your Storm Threads everywhere. People all over the country constantly tell me how much they love it.

    Keep up the good work and keep the killer designs coming!

    Heck…I am wearing Storm Threads now!

  3. Patsy Corday says:

    In our Little League in Tucson, Arizona, STORM is so popular we have two teams who wear the gear proudly. We have received so many compliments on your design/logos. We have given out your website to so many families. They too are so excited, they have ordered many items and love the STORM apparel.
    My Husband coaches the two STORM teams that my boys play on, we wear STORM gear all the time, even off season. It is becoming very popular in our city, many coaches request the STORM team for their coaching season. A thought…we could have our league with as many STORM teams in all the exciting different colors!!!
    Keep up the good work on all designs!!! GO STORM!!!

  4. Jason Hendrix says:

    Awesome, gonna be at the yard at almost every home game! Go Storm, we want Rally Cop!!

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